Custom Ceremony


Custom Ceremony


Benefit from our professional writing and creative background with the Custom Ceremony. With years of experience, we can create  a ceremony that speaks to your joy and love for each other. 

Wedding ceremonies can include so many different elements and the choices can be confusing. We take time to get to know you so we can create the right ceremony flow and meaningful wording tailored to your personalities. We will go back and forth with drafts of the ceremony until you are satisfied. Crafting a ceremony can go quickly or take time, depending on the couple. We are in no rush. It has to be right.

We sincerely believe good communication is the best way to ensure a smooth, happy wedding day.


Planning Sessions: Working with the couple to create and write a custom ceremony and vows

  • Ceremony Coordination with wedding planner, photographer, DJ concerning ceremony details

  • Travel to the New Orleans ceremony venue

  • Wedding Ceremony

  • Wedding officiant signs Marriage Certificate

  • Ceremony Memento Certificate

We require a Wedding Officiant Services Agreement to be signed by all parties before any agreement for services will be effective. Full details regarding terms of payment and services can be found in the agreement.

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