Services & Fees

Creating the right New Orleans wedding ceremony for you and insuring it is performed flawlessly is what The Officiant Office of New Orleans is all about.

Your love and dreams combine with our years of experience and creativity to craft a ceremony unique to you. We are your trusted advisor – as you plan for the big day and through the ceremony itself. You can always lean on us for guidance and advice.

During our initial conversation, we can understand what you expect and how we can help. Either in person, on the phone, or via Face Time or Skype, the initial meeting serves to assess your needs – and to make sure we are a good fit.

The options described below include unlimited email and telephone conferences. If you like what you read below, go to the Contact Page and fill out our New Clients form. We will get back to you ASAP.

Simple Ceremony - $125.

A Simple Ceremony is perfect for couples planning a less formal ceremony or a wedding on short notice. The ceremony can be held in a public place (such as a park) or in a private location. We are happy to perform the ceremony in our office located in the Warehouse District.

With the Simple Ceremony, we happily provide meaningful but simple vows. If you want more of our creative input, you should consider the Custom Ceremony.

For a legal ceremony without much fuss, the Simple Ceremony is the right option for you.


  • Planning Session

  • Travel to the New Orleans ceremony venue

  • Wedding Ceremony

  • Wedding officiant signs Marriage Certificate

Custom Ceremony - $200.

Benefit from our professional writing and creative background with the Custom Ceremony. With years of experience, we can create  a ceremony that speaks to your joy and love for each other. 

We take time to get to know you so we can create meaningful wording tailored to your personalities. Crafting a ceremony can go quickly or take time, depending on the couple. We are in no rush. It has to be right.

Wedding couple lo res.jpg


  • Planning Sessions: Working with the couple to create and write a custom ceremony and vows

  • Ceremony Coordination with wedding planner, photographer, DJ concerning ceremony details

  • Travel to the New Orleans ceremony venue

  • Wedding Ceremony

  • Wedding officiant signs Marriage Certificate

  • Ceremony Memento Certificate

Date Reservation Fee - $75

In order to reserve a date for you in our busy calendar, we must charge a non-refundable fee at the time of booking.

This fee is in addition to whichever ceremony you choose. 

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So, if the you choose the Simple Ceremony the total cost to you would be $200...the $75 Date Reservation Fee plus the $125 Simple Ceremony Fee. 

If you choose the Custom Ceremony, the total cost to you would be $275...the $75 Date Reservation Fee plus the $200 Custom Ceremony Fee.

We understand that life gets complicated and you might need to reschedule. If you need to change the date and we are available, there would be no additional charge. Depending on availability, this fee would not be charged for Simple Ceremony bookings less than 72 hours in advance.

On-Site Rehearsal - $100

Some weddings are best served with a rehearsal the day before the ceremony. We are more than happy to attend the rehearsal and help coordinate so that everyone is comfortable with the proceedings.

Travel Outside of the New Orleans Area - $50 just married.jpg

Travel to Louisiana locations outside of New Orleans requires an additional fee. This charge may vary depending on the location.

Witnesses - $20 each

Louisiana marriage law requires two witnesses to sign the marriage certificate in addition to the couple and the officiant. Often, friends or relatives will sign as witnesses (at no cost).

If you would like us to provide the two required witnesses for ceremonies held in our office, the fee would be $20 per witness. For ceremonies held in locations outside our office, we can discuss the alternatives.

License Return - $100

After the ceremony is complete and everyone has signed the Marriage Certificate, the certificate must be returned to the Marriage Office or Clerk of Court office. You can do that yourself or we can handle it for you for an additional charge.

Agreement and Fee Details

No dates can be reserved until we receive a signed agreement and the Date Reservation Fee as described above.

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All additional fees must be paid at least two weeks before the wedding ceremony. If the wedding ceremony is canceled less than 72 hours in advance of the wedding ceremony, all fees collected will be non-refundable.

We require our Wedding Officiant Services Agreement to be signed by all parties before any agreement will be effective. We will send the agreement to you via DocuSign - which allows you to legally sign a contract online. Payments can be made on our Payments page or we can send you an invoice. In either case, payments can be made by credit card or Paypal.

For ceremonies held on holidays (including Mardi Gras), fees charged will be twice the normal rate.

For complete details regarding terms of payment and services, please read the agreement carefully.

Giving Back

There are so many in our community that do so much for others. We strongly believe it is our duty to help out in those efforts. At least 20% of our fees will be donated to local non-profit groups that do important work for New Orleans.

For those working as active military or first responders, we offer discounts on our ceremony fees. Just provide proof of your service and we will be more than happy to explain our reduced rates.

For more, see our Giving Back page.