Charles Urstadt

Chief Officiant

The Officiant Office of New Orleans

As a wedding officiant, Charlie draws on an array of skills that he has accumulated over the years. They allow him to help couples celebrate their marriage with enthusiasm, sensitivity and humor.


Without a doubt, Charlie has always been at ease talking in front of a group. From working as a radio DJ to presiding over public meetings in front of cameras, Charlie is known for his sense of humor and command of the room. That’s one reason why many of Charlie’s friends have asked him to officiate their weddings over the years.

Being a wedding officiant isn’t work...its a labor of love.
— Charles Urstadt, Chief Officiant

In addition to his public speaking skills, Charlie has a track record as a professional writer. After getting his masters degree in journalism, Charlie was hired as a reporter for the Miami Herald and other newspapers. He has also worked in public relations and advertising. Crafting a wedding ceremony comes naturally.

Being a successful business executive for over thirty years has trained Charlie to be responsible and careful when acting on behalf of clients. He has learned that there are no shortcuts to a rewarding business relationship.

And finally, Charlie has devoted himself to his community through his many hours of work for local non-profits. Doing his part to help New Orleans grow and thrive is what really motivates Charlie. Being an officiant is an extension of his interest in serving his community.

Career Highlights

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